Any property owner has the right to appeal their assessment in the tax year.

You may follow this link to file an assessment appeal online with the Monmouth County Tax Board

Important Information

  • Taxes cannot be appealed, as they are a budget process
  • Assessments of other properties are not acceptable as evidence of value
  • You are appealing the total assessment. The land and improvement components cannot be individually appealed
  • There is a presumption of correctness in regard to the present assessment. The property owner appealing the assessment must, through the presentation of sufficient evidence of true market value, overcome this presumption to achieve a change in assessment

Actions You Need to Take

  • Read booklet "Understanding Property Assessment Appeals" available from the Assessor's Office
  • Appeal must be filed on or before January 15th of the current tax year, with service to the Tax Board, Municipal Assessor and Municipal Clerk.
  • Use blue or black ink when completing the appeal form
  • Be sure all information is legible and complete and that you enter your last name
  • Include filing fee with submission to tax Board (see schedule of fees within booklet)
  • Be sure to sign and date the appeal and certification
  • A separate appeal must be filed for each taxed property
  • While the sale of the property under appeal is evidential, the true market value should be supported by a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 comparable sales
  • The comparable sales that you submit as evidence of true market value must support the valuation of your property as of October 1 of the year prior to the year being appealed. (Generally if you are appealing your 2018 assessments, you need 2017 sales)
An appeal form, instructions and all municipal sales data is readily available in the Assessor's Office.