Water / Sewer

There shall be due and payable an annual fee referred to as a minimum charge, billed quarterly and payable pursuant to the payment schedule set forth in 222-11.

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Water/Sewer Due Dates 


 Yearly Charge-Billed Quarterly
{postcard bills}


1st Quarter – Due Feb. 25th 

2nd Quarter – Due May 25th

3rd Quarter – August 25th

4th Quarter – November 25th

The State Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) can help you pay arrears for your water and sewer bills. The program may also be able to help address tax liens due to water and sewer arrears. To get more information and apply, go to waterassistance.nj.gov or call NJ211.  

**** NJ Shares Assistance ~ tenant utility assistance.

Water Consumer Confidence Reports

2023 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (PDF)   {Click here to see previous reports}

Excess Usage Billing

Meters are read quarterly for excess usage billing.

  • It is included with the February, May, August and November bills
  • Interest is calculated at the same rate as taxes
  • If prior year's utility charges remain unpaid by December 31, they are subject to tax sale
  • You may submit a request for canceling Sewer Excess due to a pool filling ~ see form below
  • 2023 Water & Sewer Rates (PDF)

Scheduling Water / Sewer Service

You may submit a request for the following service(s) ~ forms below, or call 732.449.8444, x2601 for any of the following:

  • Turn on / turn off service
  • Repairs
  • Meter tests
  • Re-read of the quarterly bill
  • ***Final Read Request ~ separate form below

For mark outs >> 800-272-1000

***Final readings should be done when selling the property, renting a home, apartment or business. Name changes on sales will be updated upon receipt of the recorded deed. Anyone can order a final reading, including the owner, tenant, Realtor, or attorney. See below for a Final Read request form

Water / Utility Forms