Building Department

To schedule an inspection or inquire about the status of a permit please call 732-449-8444 ext. 2225

The Construction Department, commonly known as the Building Department, enforces the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code in Wall Township. Robert Torrance, Construction Official, directs the office, assisted by Casie Nickl and Brittany Sullivan. The office oversees all construction, alteration, renovation, rehabilitation, maintenance, occupancy and use of buildings and structures.

Construction Permit Process

After plans are approved by the Land Use Office, an applicant can apply for construction permits. Applications are available at the office and online by clicking on the Forms & Applications tab in the upper left corner of this page. Generally homeowners can draw their own plans and complete their own work on their own home. All other construction, other than minor work, require plans prepared and sealed by a licensed architect or engineer.

Plans are then reviewed by the 4 Subcode officials. Reviews may take up to 20 business days. Bob Mazzarisi , Building Subcode Official, reviews plans for structural design and handicap access. Ted Bianchi (acting), reviews plans for fire safety elements. Electrical work is reviewed by Glen Brown. John Quigley reviews plumbing systems and Robert Torrance completes the process.

After fees are paid, the permit is issued. Construction can be completed by the homeowner or licensed contractor.

Inspections are conducted by the inspectors: John Quigley, Bob Mazzarisi , Ted Bianchi, and Glen Brown. Generally, the building inspectors conduct inspections of footings, foundation, sheathing, framing, insulation, and final inspections.

A certificate is issued for occupancy or approval at the completion of all final inspections.

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