For an in-depth look at the complete 2010 census information for Wall Township, please see New Jersey: 2010 Population and Housing Unit Counts (PDF) and scroll down to the Wall Township section.

Population (2000)
According to the statistics from Monmouth County (as of the September, 2000 census) the population of Wall is 26,265. Population density per square mile of land area is 825.1, compared to county population density of 1,303 per square mile of land.

Income (2000)
According to the 2000 census, the median family income is $54,210, while the median household income was $46,301. Per capita income is $21,005.

Housing (2000)
Of the total housing units (which numbered 9957), 8,111 were owner-occupied while 1,326 were renter-occupied. Housing unit density per square mile of land area is 325.2, compared to county housing unit density of 510.4 per square mile of land.

Racial Composition (2000)
  • White: 24,526
  • Black: 155
  • Asian / Other: 189
  • Hispanic: 391