Township Official Seal

The Wall Township Official Seal was adopted January 26, 1972. It reflects the history of the townshipWall Township's development and includes three White Dogwood blossoms - representative of the official town tree.

The furnace depicted on the upper left recalls James P. Allaire's 1822 Howell Works and planned industrial community.

The brick building shown on the lower right is the Allgor-Kittell Blacksmith-Wheel Wright Shop, still standing on New Bedford Road.

The radio tower on the upper right recalls the 1st transoceanic radio signal transmitted through a series of towers located along the Shark River by Guglielmo Marconi in 1913.

The dish antenna shown of the lower left is a replica of the antenna used in 1946 in Wall by the U.S. Signal Corps to bounce the first radar signal off of the moon.

Use of the official township seal is prohibited without first obtaining permission from the Township Committee. A written request is required.