Property inspections are slated to begin in January of 2015 and will continue through the summer of 2015.

A major part of the revaluation process will involve a company representative visiting each resident’s home to inspect both the property exterior and interior. This important step helps provide accurate information about your home so that a fair property assessment can be made. Inspectors will only enter the home if the owner or an adult representative is present. If you are uncomfortable letting an inspector into your home, the interior inspection can be rescheduled to allow you to have a friend or family member present during the inspection, a reassuring option for seniors and stay-at-home parents with young children. Realty Appraisal Company’s field inspectors will make three attempts to inspect a resident’s property. If they cannot complete the inspection after the second attempt, an evening or Saturday appointment will be scheduled to accommodate the home owner. Each trained representative will have both a company-issued ID badge with photograph, as well as a letter from Wall’s Assessor, William J. Fitzpatrick. In addition, a record of each field agent’s automobile, including vehicle description and license plate number, will be on file with the Township Police Department.

During the property inspection, the company representative will count the number of rooms and bathrooms in your home, inspect the basement if there is one, as well as note the type of heating system and amenities such as fireplaces, decks, patios and the like. He or she will also look at the condition of the dwelling, the age of the kitchen and baths, and will note any issues with the dwelling and land that residents bring to their attention, finally exterior photos of the property will be taken. At the end of the inspection, residents will be asked to sign their inspection form, which confirms that an interior inspection was made.